The only Resistance Band designed specifically for Yoga and Pilates.

The Body Loop helps you feel more in your body and retrains posture across the kinetic chain by providing sensory feedback during your practice –  whether you practice at a studio, your home, or with your clients.

  • Soft on your skin with no skin pulling

  • Fits all body sizes and tension strengths

  • 4 band options with 8 settings each

  • 100% designed and fabricated in Canada

  • Folds neatly for clean and organized storage

“…it allows you to turn up the dial on what your body already has, as intrinsic properties, and allows you to experience the elasticity and bounce that those properties already offer you.”

“…it’s been really helpful for things that I would normally use a Theraband  or a strap, I’m using The Body Loop instead.”

“…I’m really excited about it because it creates some compression on the body to help people feel safer.”

Body Loop Set for only 99$

The perfect starter kit

We’ve bundled one of each size loop and it’s the Body Loop set is the perfect combination starter kit to help you wake up your practice. Because we’re at the Yoga Show, we’re running a promotional price for the Set and you can buy it for   $124CAD  $99CAD.

We’re also adding a BONUS intro video class and an BONUS additional Simple Loop ($25 value) for FREE.


One of each (3) size loops
+ A bonus Simple Loop band. ($15 Value)
+ A bonus Video Movement Class with Diane Bruni ($10 value)

DVD case/disk is for presentation only. You’ll have access to the video immediately after purchase via digital download

Money-back Guarantee

We know you’ll love exploring with the Body Loop, and we’ll give you 30 “risk-free” days try it out. If you find that the Body Loop ins’t right for your practice, I’ll ask you to return the loops and we’ll process a full refund of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that we get about The Body Loop.

  • What if I’m not happy with my Body Loop?

    You can return them for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase. Contact us if you have any questions. All applicable taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping charges are non-refundable if the package is refused.

  • Can I attach the Body Loop to anything?

    Yes, you can attach the Body Loop to railings or into door frames. Please be careful to ensure that the connection is secure before applying any force.

  • How is the Body Loop different from yoga straps?

    The Body Loop is made of elastic making it resilient and able to respond to the movement of the body. A yoga strap does not stretch.

  • How is the Body Loop different than other resistance bands?

    The Body Loop is made of elastic making it resilient and able to respond to the movement of the body. A yoga strap does not stretch.


The Body Loop is a resistance and support device that enhances proprioception while improving coordination and posture. By providing sensory feedback from mechanoreceptors and fascia the Body Loop retrains posture across the kinetic chain.

We’ve woven latex into the polyester making it very durable, resilient and long lasting, while being soft and comforting to the skin.

It is available in 3 lengths, small (red) medium (green) and large (purple).

You can buy the loops individually or part of our Body Loop Set that gets you one of each loop and is our recommended starter kit.

The short background story

Five years ago, I was teaching a very busy class with my latex resistance bands

One of the bands broke and snapped one of my newest students in the head.

It was a horrible moment, the whole class froze – some people laughed nervously, the women who was hit in the head was shaken up and I felt terrible.

These latex bands weren’t ideal for yoga practice. As much as I loved them I also hated them.

In researching for other options, I found countless varieties of resistance bands, most made out of latex and sold by out-of-country manufacturing companies or large gyms. They usually came in a variety of bright colours and packaged 10-20 at a time.

I read reviews and the same comments kept repeating: “broke easily”, “smells awful”, “not enough resistance”,  “aren’t really made for my body type”, “they hurt my skin”, “they roll up and don’t stay in place”.

So I called my longtime friend Riki Richter with my dilemma and quickly realized that she felt the same way!

We felt like the odd women out with our frustrations towards resistance bands and latex elastics.

Both Riki and I felt that there wasn’t a prop made for us, designed specifically with an understanding of the movement in yoga and pilates.

We created a resistance band specifically design for yoga, because that’s what we were missing in our practice.

With our combined experience of over 20 years of teaching each, the time spent owning and managing our own studios, our 1,000 of hours in education and training — we were well placed to inspire these ideas to grow.

We decided to implement these ideas and design a new resistance band specifically for Pilates and Yoga.

We spent over 5 years developing and testing our ideas with friends and colleagues we’ve grown with over the last 20+ years of teaching yoga, Pilates and movement.

The Body Loop encourages more movement within a traditional yoga practice. It inspires a more dynamic relationship to the yoga poses, instead of just going into the pose and staying there, the Body Loop encourages exploration and contains the end ranges of the pose.

A few Preview Videos

Check out some of our friends and contributors demonstrating the versatility of The Body Loop.

Co-Founders of the Body Loop

Both Diane and Riki have been driving forces in the yoga, Pilates and movement communities for over 20 years.

Diane Bruni

Diane Bruni

Teacher & Movement Educator

Diane has been at the forefront of the yoga scene in Canada, she was the first Ashtanga teacher in Canada, founder of the Downward Dog Yoga Studio, and creator of 65 episodes of Breathing Space Yoga

After decades of ‘traditional’ yoga, Diane became disillusioned, her own injuries and the injuries she was witnessing in her community were disheartening. In 2012 after a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis Diane sold her shares at Downward Dog, freeing herself from teaching traditional yoga classes gave her time to heal, study, experiment and re-evaluate the true meaning of yoga for her personally.

Riki Richter

Riki Richter

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Synergy Movement Therapist

I have been teaching Pilates for 18 years with a focus on rehabilitative Pilates. I participated in Downward Dog’s first teacher training in 2000 and taught the anatomy portion of their teacher training course for 12 years. I have been teaching yoga for 13 years with a focus on incorporating yoga into a rehabilitative context. I have also taught anatomy for Octopus Garden Yoga, 889 Yonge, The Alexander Alliance of Toronto and have presented on The Sacroiliac Joint at The Yoga Festival of Toronto in 2010.

I have completed all course work, exams and clinical hours for a 5 year osteopathic manual therapy program at The Canadian College of Osteopathy and am currently working on a clinical research trial on Postpartum Low Back Pain as part of my thesis requirements. My areas of expertise are lower back and sacroiliac dysfunction in regular as well as pregnant and postpartum populations, MSK dysfunction i.e hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, alignment and postural issues as well as TMJ and facial pain.